People do not always need personal care services, they just simply require additional support to continue with the more social aspect of their lives. 

Our staff are trained to respect privacy and independence at all times to enable the person to be in control as much as possible. Social care support may include help to undertake activities or hobbies / interests such as letter writing or reading letters at their request. 

Other social care support can include: 

  • Assistance with household administration, paying bills, completing forms, recording keeping. 
  • Collecting pensions & benefits 
  • Ordering and collecting prescriptions 
  • Shopping (normally carried out at the nearest available retail outlet) 
  • Assistance with letter writing 
  • Reading to/for Service Users 
  • Making or assisting the Service User to make telephone calls 
  • Teaching and encouraging the basic skills of daily living 
  • Teaching and encouraging social skills 
  • Sitting with the Service User 
  • Brief visit to befriend and alleviate isolation 
  • Monitoring Service User and/or Carer well-being 
  • Liaising with family and friends 

Contact our friendly team to discuss any social care requirements you may have and see how we may be able to assist.